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Richard Legg - Affiliate Marketing

You are  probably want to know about affiliate marketing and if so check out some of my posts to learn more.

Well Hello there, Richard Legg here to help you get the information you need about a whole host of things within the marketing arena online.  I know that is a broad spectrum but it’s all relative to marketing online.

A Little Bit About Me

I have been online since 2004 or so and blogging on an off over all those years.  I have face failure blogging and also see some success blogging.

But you know hackers and google can take you down in seconds so I have experienced that as well.

But Richard doesn’t quit so I am still here trying to help as many as I can see some sort of success online.

My Personal Stuff

I’m married with two adult children and two grand children.  My wife and I feel so blessed and are very proud of our children and grand children.

I just retired from the day job but I am still going online.  Being on a fixed income now has changed my lifestyle a little but nothing major.

Why Would You want to listen to me….

Look, I do not or ever will claim that I know everything about affiliate marketing.  But one thing I do know is you need to pick a niche, build an email list (and get them to know like and trust you), build a lead generation funnel that goes to a recurring offer, and test, test and test again.

There is no magic bullet.  I mean if there was I had hundreds of them that must have been duds.  You need traffic and a good relationship with your list (say 500 subscribers or more) is one of the best forms of traffic you can have.

Organic and paid traffic are or can be good as well but nothing like an audience you communicate with weekly.

Take time to read some of my posts I feel you will get a lot out of it for affiliate marketing as well as a few other topics…

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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