Write Killer Content That People Will Love

Write Killer Content That People Will Remember “YOU” Wrote It

If You write killer content on your blog it is just one more way to make yourself known as a blogger that understand what people want to read.

Some people may wonder if a blogger has the ability to transform every blog post into something that people will find interesting and something they would share with their social friends.

Trust me when I say this that people want you to write killer content or as some would call “Epic Content”.

I would say the answer is no when it comes to transforming “every blog post” into a viral post but you could lead them to a blog post that would just by linking your content one to another based on keywords.

I mean when you get right down to it a blog is just a way for you to share information that will help someone with a problem and in that process the possibility is there to write killer content that your readers are dying to get their hands on.

Before you go crazy writing killer content take a few minutes and think about the problem you want to resolve in your niche and how you can tie it into another post of yours (say one that went viral” and then just sit down and write out that great killer content.

Will People Really Share if You Write Killer Content?

I have listed three things below that I feel will give you the knowledge and strength to write killer content in your next blog post.

1. A Topic Your Passionate About – Writing killer content on a topic that you are really passionate about will, give you confidence in writing out an interesting and engaging blog post.

Basic knowledge of the topic is okay as long as the passion is there. The more you posts you write the better you will get at it and more people will find your content interesting and engage in it with comments and shares.

Because you’re passionate about what you’re writing about makes writing the content of the post that much easier.

Being passionate or having some expertise empower you to communicate your message in such a way that the masses will understand exactly what you’re tying to say.

2. Have Several Ideas On the Topic – Mix up your content creation so your content does not come off as the same old thing as people will tend to get tired of that and not show up to read anymore.

If you want to be a successful blogger then you’ll want to create or write killer content with a new twist on it that keeps people looking for what’s coming next.

By doing so you will have a great blog that people want to read with little or no effort on your end.  We call this a win win in the blogosphere…

To keep your blog content fresh for your readers it is necessary for you as a blogger to put on your creative skill set and even though you stick with the one topic the content is presented in a different way.

This is why it is important for you to respond to comments on your blog or Facebook because this is quality feedback in most instances.

It can help you modify your content to meet the demands of your readers and that my friend is something every blogger shoots for with their blog.

3.Specific Keywords for Your Content – If your keyword is your domain then you can pretty much stick to the one topic as your visitors will or should be a highly targeted audience.  “Watch this video”

Using low competition keywords will help your content get noticed and also bring you people that truly want what you giving away for free in most cases.

When it comes to making money with your blog I have to tell you that I use a lot of image ads on my blog because people like clicking on images.

But when it comes to blogging for money I look at that part as a benefit and a result when I write killer content that helps people resolve an issue in their life or business.


Steve Legg

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