Take The Stress Out Of Being a Learner

Take The Stress Out Of Being a Learner by deciding that you will learn something new every day that you work your affiliate marketing business.

First and foremost let me say that I am not an “expert” problem solver but I am willing to try and help you with any legitimate things that you would like to learn how to do.  I have found that this helps people take the stress out of being a learner and they can be better people because of it.

So, what new thing do you want to learn?  My only requirement is that it has to be in the Internet Marketing arena and I will try to take the stress out of being a learner for you by giving you a tutorial, a product recommendation, or even a video which I am not very good at “yet”!

Ok, so let’s move on…

I have had some of my mentors do this very thing with the people that visit their blogs and it has not only helped the person asking the question but they said that it helped them also.

So, I asked one of my mentors how did it help you? He responded with this amazing answer…

Always be a learner first and foremost.  When someone asks you to teach them something look at it as a learning experience for you

So, that is one reason why I never see myself as an expert because experts know everything about that topic, right?  Well that is what some people think so to be on the safe side I realized it is better to have the mindset of a learning something new from what I am researching verses going into it thinking I know it all.

Make sense?

Take The Stress Out Of Being a Learner By Taking Action

Another one of my mentors shared with me one day when I was asking him about how he did this or did that. He sent me a link to a post on his blog that was basically a tutorial on how he set up his blog.

I shot him a message back asking how did this pertain to my question and he said you learn by taking action.  You see, when we are reading a tutorial about how to do something it helps to take the stress out of being a learner. Therefore makes that part of the process easier for you to do.

So, I asked another one of my mentors about building a squeeze page to market a product I wanted to promote and they led me to a video so I decided to also create a video for this example.  Now, remember I told you I was not very good at this sort of thing but I try to learn something every day from how i do things to also new stuff I knew nothing about…

 Taking Action can Take the Stress Out of Being a Learner

Ok, for me today when I created that video (like 6 do overs) I knew if I could get it done, uploaded to youtube, and posted in this post I would be golden.  I have to admit the stress of creating videos just went down because I knew that if I did it then you can to all you may need is the tools to do it with.

If you want to see you and the background behind you it can all be done right there on Youtube.  [No tools needed other than your [desktop computer or laptop]…

Heck you could even write out a tutorial, create and infographic, or you can do a series. My point is, there are many ways you can show someone how to do most anything.

Ask me what I can show you by leaving me a comment below.  I will do my best to resolve your problem myself or using a specific training that will show you how to do whatever it is you chose to learn today!


I’ll be looking for your comment below…


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