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Welcome to I am so glad that you stopped by and are checking out my start here page.

So what is all about and how can it help you become a better marketer?

We teach you how to market online using content that we create and content that is just great content.  There are a few offsite places that we refer people to (yes they are affiliate links) but they are definitely worth checking out.

What I can tell you is this; be ready to learn about marketing in terms that the common person starting out can learn.  I never have been a guy that wants to crank up the terminology to something that no one can understand so I keep it simple here at

Here are some of the topics that people hve asked me about.


Attraction Marketing


Content Writing

and Product Reviews

So what I have done is created content that talks and teaches about those type of things.

But let’s be honest here I am not a guru or a coach and I will not claim to be one of those either.

Realistically if you are like me you do not go to those sites that much anyway so that should make us more alike than not which means you learn from me and I from you because we all have strengths and knowledge that we can share.

If you want to guest post just shoot me the copy and I will see if it will be a fit for my blog.

Talk Soon

Steve Legg