write killer content

Write Killer Content That People Will Love

Write Killer Content That People Will Remember “YOU” Wrote It If You write killer content on your blog it is just one more way to make yourself known as a blogger that understand what people want to read. Some people may wonder if a blogger has the ability to transform every blog post into something that […]

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List Building

Why all Bloggers Should Focus on List Building

List building is described in this post and my goal is to help you understand the importance of doing this one thing as you write killer content for your readers. You have probably heard it a thousand times about how the money is in your list and the need of building one. But do you really […]

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I’m back online

Hello my friends sorry for the disruption in service on my end but I lost my sites over something I have no idea about but all my content is gone gone gone.  Lesson learned here was to have a good backup and keep that in a safe place. Stay tuned as I will be posting […]

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