Page Builders – A Quick Guide for Seniors

Page Builders for Seniors

To sell your own products online, you’ll need to create sales pages and funnels for your upgrade offers and so on. While it all may seem complicated, it really isn’t once you understand the basics.

A page builder can be web based or a plugin that helps you to easily create sales pages in minutes. In the past, you had to create everything from scratch. These days, page builders have tons of features to make your life much easier.

It’s worth noting that some page builders like Optimize Press, Instabuilder and Thrive Architect are plugins with one-time payments. You can create as many sales pages and download pages as you want, and they’ll all look great.

There are also other options like Convertri and ClickFunnels. These are page builders too. However, they come with recurring monthly payments and it’s not always cheap.

While you can use them to build funnels and do much more than you could with Optimize Press, etc., if you’re a senior who is just starting out, you really do not need such advanced software.

Start off small and when you’re making money online, you can reinvest some of that money into the more advanced solutions out there. Now let’s look at why page builders are an essential tool that you should invest in.

  • Create pages in minutes

As mentioned earlier, creating sales pages and download pages are extremely fast with page builders. Many come with templates for you to choose from. So, even if you’re a beginner, all you need to do is change up the details and you’re good to go.

  • Features that help you sell

Page builders also have features such as countdown timers, dropdown tabs, progress bars and many other features that help you to sell your products better. You’ll not need to find extra plugins to get these features. It’s all included in the page builders.

  • Clone pages in seconds

One of the best features of these page builders is that they allow you to clone pages in seconds. So, if you built a sales page before and you have a new product to release, by cloning the earlier page, you’ll have a working template to edit and use for the new product.

This will speed up the creation of your sales page and at the same time, it will give your products a uniform look that’s akin to branding. Previous customers will be more likely to buy your new product because they’ll feel a sense of familiarity.

  • More attractive

While you can create sales pages without a page builder, the truth is that using one will make your sales pages look more professional and get more sales. It’s all about appearing credible and putting your products in the best possible light.

  • Drag and drop is perfect for beginners

Page builders are very easy to use. There’s hardly any coding required. You just point and click or drag and drop in most cases. Seniors who are not tech savvy will be proficient in using a page builder within 3 to 4 days of familiarizing themselves with the interface.

Page Builders a Quick Guide for Seniors

Soon you’ll be creating sales pages like a pro and selling your own products at a profit. A page builder is an essential tool that’s a great investment for your business. Do get one today and learn how to use it well

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