Dont Try iGloo App Without Reading This First or You Will Regret it Later

Don’t try the iGloo app without reading this post and watching the video below about how the iGloo App Creates Animations…

How the iGloo App Creates Animations right inside the app.  You’re going to love this page builder if you decide to use something this unique in your marketing.

How the iGloo App Creates Animations

I was totally blown away when I figured out this trick of shaking and sliding in of the video.  Once I seen how easy it was to set up i started to see the real power that this app is capable of.


My RANT on Buying or not Buying Page Builders like iGloo

Have you even heard of the iGloo app page builder?  I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t as there are a lot of people still finding out for it the first time.

I bought it when I finally tried numerous other ones that I felt did not have what I needed in a page builder so I dropped them one at a time until the only thing that was left was iGloo.

I can’t believe the money that I threw away and the time that I spent trying to do this or that only to become frustrated and ticked off at the bad decisions I was making.

I hope that I can save you from experiencing the pain that I had to go through.  This is why I am going to give you my affiliate link for the iGloo app. My hope would be that you at least take a look at it to see if it would be something that would work for you.

How the iGloo App Creates Animations

I am a big believer that you get people to a product and if it is something that they can see they need they will buy it.  I have always realized that any product regardless of how good it is will not be something everyone will buy.

I’m okay with that so if you decide that it is not for you I hope that you find something that will work for you.

That is the attitude that I want you to have also.  What I mean is you give it a good look and if it is for you try it out they have a great guarantee. If it isn’t then move on and maybe down the road I will find something else I feel good about recommending to you.

We all come to a feeling of look, like and buy with all the things that come our way.  And some of them let’s face it we feel the no, delete and unsubscribe.

But it is all okay because people buy everyday and if we unsubscribe or ask for a refund it is just part of doing business online.


Steve Legg

P.S.  As of 9/7/2016 I requested a refund for my iGloo Purchases.  It is not because I do not like it because there are some things that I do like but for me I tried it and it just isn’t going to be the end all that I thought it would be for my business.  But please do not let that stop you from trying it because it may be just the app you need for your business right at this very moment.


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