Do Seniors Need a Website to Build a Business Online?

Do Seniors Need a Website to Build a Business Online

One word – YES!

It’s common to come across cheap infoproducts being sold online that promise you riches without you having to build a website or do much work. Most of these claims are baseless and just hype to get you to part with your money.

Ironically, you’ll notice that these products are sold on websites too. So, yes… if you wish to build an online business, having a website is essential.

Even if you sell books on Kindle, you still need a website to have an author page, etc. Building a Shopify store? You need a website too. Want to be a freelancer? A website will help to display your portfolio and tell potential clients about your services. There’s just no escaping this fact. You NEED a website.

In some cases where you’re selling products on platforms such as eBay, Etsy, etc. you may not need a website. However, it’s best that you still build one to diversify your online income. In case you lose your account on these platforms, you’ll not be helpless.

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Now let’s see why it’s best for you to build your own website.

  • Easy to build

In the past, you had to know HTML or have knowledge of complicated software like Dreamweaver, etc. to build and upload websites. These days, you can set up a blog in minutes.

All you need to do is install WordPress, upload a theme and you’re good to go and can start posting away. Once you understand how it works, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

Building a website is within the reach of most seniors. You don’t need much technical know-how and the tools available can really help to simplify things.

  • Allows you to constantly deliver value/content

When you have your own website, you can always add more content to it and offer value to others. Your followers will have a ‘hub’ where they can find you and learn from you.

For example, if you post videos of fishing tips on YouTube, you can have a website where you offer more tips, talk about the best rods, lures, etc. You have so much more freedom to offer content that doesn’t really fit in with videos and are better off as written content.

  • Builds authority

Having a website gives you a certain sense of authority in the marketplace. These days, everybody and their plumber has a website. If you wish to build a credible business that appears legitimate in the eyes of others, you absolutely MUST have a website.

Not having one will make you look like an amateur and you’ll lose trust and confidence. Even if you’re a beginner, having a website will help. You can make it look better as you go along… just start with a simple one in the beginning.

  • Gets leads

Having a website allows you to build a list. You can have pop ups and optin forms on your website for people to get freebies or join your newsletter. You always want to build your list and having a website accelerates the process.

  • Gives you more opportunities to sell

As mentioned in the fishing example above, with a website you can promote a wide variety of fishing-related products such as rods, lures, etc. You can even be an affiliate for fishing charters and tours. The possibilities are endless.

From the points mentioned in this article, you’ll realize that it’s not about whether you can afford to have a website. It’s about whether you can afford NOT to have one.

Do Seniors Need a Website to Build a Business Online

To build a profitable business online, you must have a website. All you need to do is buy a cool domain name, hook it up with your hosting, install WordPress and start blogging away. The good news is that you could do all these little tasks in a day.

This will be the start of your online empire, and where you go with it is only limited by your imagination… but it all starts with the first website.

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