Build Your Content Creation System in 4 Simple Steps

If you want your build your content creation system, then need to learn how to create content that are based on 4 simple steps that optimize your content so Google loves it.

What optimization means is, when someone searches for a particular keyword in Google or another search engine, your article appears at the top of the results or close to it.

Here’s how to set your content creation system up…

Step 1: Do Your Keyword Research 

You can’t just guess what your prospects are searching for you have to know or your content effort is a waste of time.

Use a keyword tool like Google Planner or even a premium software that will tell you for sure what your ideal prospect is searching for.

Simply enter a broad keyword (like “article marketing” or “online marketing” or “whatever you niche is”), and these tools will display hundreds if not thousands of related searches.

Take note, however: the words that get the most traffic are also hard to rank for. That’s because everyone is going after the masses instead of going after the low hanging fruit if you know what I mean.

So what is the solution for a good content creation system?

Focus on the long tail keywords – these are the four or five word phrases that don’t get as much traffic, but they also don’t have much competition. Plus, you can get top spots on the search engines with them.

Content creation system

Once you’ve compiled a list of keywords, it’s time to move on and out your content creation system to work…

Think about whom you want to reach, what is their pain you want to solve, and how will you put your post together.

You really need to take this time to do that stuff because the next step is where you will put it all down on paper or the computer screen as in WordPress.

Step 2: Write Your Blog Post and Publish Using Your Content Creation System

Your next step is to choose one of those keyword phrases and write your blog post that provides value to your readers.

You should include your keyword phrase in the title of your blog post, as well as two times for every 100-125 words of content.

Example: If your keyword is “keyword research tips,” then your blog post title might be: “5 Keyword research tips they never talk about.”

What I do is write my content [in my content creation system format] all out first.  Then I read it and change what I need to so it makes sense and provides real value.

The last thing when it comes to putting this all together is you want your content to go viral.  Make it be something that real people want to share with their social media friends.

Step 3: Make Sure Real People Will Enjoy Your Blog Post

You’re after real people to read your content so make sure that as you optimize your on page and off page seo plan does not make your blog post uninteresting.

If you know what I mean…

You want to be serious and to the point but you also want to throw in a little humor to keep people interested and engaged. 

You may even want to give them access to a free ebook, checklist, or special content that only those reading this post can get.  This is all part of the content creation system you want to build and use.

And yes you want to build your list if you give something away for free.  Look if they do not want to give up something when you are giving away something for free then they don’t deserve it.


To get your content or blog post in this case on the first page of Google you need Google to see that people love your content.

Encourage people to share your blog post, post your link with a short description about it on Facebook and Twitter, use a group poster like Frye Poster for Facebook.

Put your emphasis on getting people to love what you’re talking about to the point they cannot help themselves from pushing the share buttons fast enough.

I know it sounds like “HYPE” right?  Well, yes but it doesn’t make what I said not true.  You really do want people to feel this way and when they do Google see this interaction and they say this blog has something to say that people like.

You made it…

Your post made it to page one of high on the list of page two.

Anyone can do this but do not expect it to happen the first article or first post as you have to work at it, shape it, mold it, revise it, and repost it.

You get the message right?


Steve Legg

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