discouraged blogger

Are You a Discouraged Blogger About To Call it Quits

It is very easy to become at discouraged  blogger, (don’t give up) considering you put a lot of work into post and pages,.  Plus the syndication of those posts and pages but still no visitors to your blog to speak of. Continue reading this article about a Discouraged Blogger… The sad thing about this is there […]

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Take the Stress out of being a Learner

Take The Stress Out Of Being a Learner

Take The Stress Out Of Being a Learner by deciding that you will learn something new every day that you work your affiliate marketing business. First and foremost let me say that I am not an “expert” problem solver but I am willing to try and help you with any legitimate things that you would […]

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Niche Market

What is Your Niche in Respects to Your Business

At some point you have to determine What is Your Niche Market in Respects to Your Business and how will that help your content become unique and different from all the rest of the people who share the same interest. It is my opinion that at some point in our blogging career we will have to settle down […]

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content creatoin system

Build Your Content Creation System in 4 Simple Steps

If you want your build your content creation system, then need to learn how to create content that are based on 4 simple steps that optimize your content so Google loves it. What optimization means is, when someone searches for a particular keyword in Google or another search engine, your article appears at the top of the results […]

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