Blog Post Types That People Love to Read

3 Types of Blog Posts People Love to Read

I am hoping that you are a newbie blogger because that is who this email is really for.

There are many types of blog posts and today we are going to talk only about three of them.

First Up is a Rant Post

I have to tell you that people love to hear somebody get all wound up about something and just go off in
there blog post.

This is a post where you get really emotional and you hold literally nothing back from your readers.

It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out it could be short pr it could even be a video. But just make sure your mug is in the video.

Next up is: The Top “Whatever You Want”

This could be your top 5,10 or 20 blog posts of all time. You
could even write about the “Top 3 Tips for Writing Emails”.

You kind of get the point right?

What I am saying is let you imagination roll but stick to something
that is realted to what your blog is all about.

Some people call this a “list post”.

And Lastly is: The Product Review Post

This is one that you will see a lot. It’s where someone buys a product shoots a video about it and writes of the basic stuff.

who created it
when was it created
when did it launch
was it a top seller
did a lot of affiliate promote it
the list could go on as long as you like

The point is it is a great post to create. As a matter of fact there are blogs out there that every post is a review post.

If I were doing a product review post I would definitely look at  shooting a video and going through the sales page or the actual
product itself.

But hey, as we all know blogging is a learning experience because what works for some bloggers audience may not work for yours.

You just have to see what works for your readers.


Steve Legg

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