Welcome to Richard Legg “dot” com, your number one source for all things internet & online marketing. When I first started out in 2005 with my own domain I was involved with an online system where you posted everyday an article about whatever your niche was.  Mine was obviously Make Money Online….

Along the way being new to WordPress and my own domain, backing up my site was not on my radar.  With that being said I fell to hackers and lost all of my posted content with no idea as to what I said or posted on my blog.

Lesson learned….

I struggled for a while and never really to the advice of so many who said you need an autoresponder and start building an email list.  When I started to tackle that I built a list of around 400 but they were very unresponsive.  At the time I was being charged for those folks so I deleted them to lower costs.

The point in telling you all this is I made mistakes when I was starting out online like you and so many others have also done.  But in today’s online space there are so many things that can help keep you from going through what I and so many others did back in the day.

Don’t ignore what other people struggled through but learn from them and apply it to your life and business.

I am amazed at where the internet has gone over the last 20 years and for those starting out, well, they may think it has always been like this.

My goal for RichardLegg.Com today is simple.

Help as many as I can have a better experience with their online business and post content that helps them grow their business to an income they desire to have.

I cannot guarantee the income you desire using the information on my blog because only YOU can do that based on decisions you make about your journey online.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Richard Steven Legg

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