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Facebook Marketing that Gets Effective Results

As we all know Facebook is one of the most visited sites on the internet. Facebook has 600,000,000 users and counting. It is the largest social site and becoming a large community of every niche in every market. Not just the home base business market but for any type of business you could imagine which is why our team does Facebook Marketing Ideas that are simple and effective.

Many people are trying to use Facebook Marketing Ideas the Simple Way to market their business. In the home based business industry (for example) you see many sending their join me now links and being a spammer which is not what we teach.  

What we teach is Facebook Marketing Ideas the Simple Way in that you may post a clickable image that takes the friend to a blog post or an article where they can read more about it and in that article or post you have a link to your offer.  Facebook Marketing the Simple Way is really about keep it simple and subtle at the same time.

Never, never, never use events, posts, notes, or anything else to spam pages of friends or groups.  That is not real Facebook Marketing that is acting desperately to get fans or leads for your business marketing.

I want to share with you how I use Facebook to market my business my way.

  • It never involves asking anyone to be my friend.
  • It never involves asking anyone to join a group.
  • It never involves asking anyone to join my business.

At least I never do this on Facebook but sure from my blog, weebly, tumblr and the many other sites one could have that they use in their marketing.

Facebook Marketing

How to become one of the hunted on Facebook 

This is one of the easiest ways to have like minded people ask you to become their friend. Join groups in your niche and pick active groups.

I check out the wall and see if people in the group are active and sharing on the group wall.

New people that join this group are looking for like minded people and will as they join the group they will ask you to be their friend.

Then once a week or monthly, leave the group and rejoin. This will put you back on the top of the list of group members. Do this in 10 to 20 groups and you will have as many friends as you will ever need.

One note this will not work on closed groups because you have to be invited to join closed groups. If you leave a closed group, you cannot rejoin without being invited by a member of the group.

Share your content (articles and videos)

Content is the best way to market online and is the best free way to do Facebook Marketing. Every user on Facebook can create a note. In each note you can share all of your articles and get a very powerful backlink back to your blog post or article using this Facebook Marketing trick.

Every note you write will be shared with your friends. It can then be liked, commented and shared with your friend’s friends.

Also upload all of your videos to Facebook and link it back to your original video for a powerful backlink. Just like notes, your videos are shared with all of your friends. 

As you can see Facebook marketing can be achieved in so many different ways and we cover a lot of those in our team training.  You can find out more about that when you get the FREE booklet when click on the booklet to the right.

Have a Great Day,

me2Steve Legg